Free & Fun Activities for Home


Looking for fun ways to keep your kids engaged and creative?  Download a variety of free coloring books from multiple museums around the world.  Did we mention these are FREE???  It’s our way of helping everyone stay positive and entertained.  ENJOY!

Free downloadable coloring books and pages brought to you by the Waterloo Center for the Arts:

*New Activities

  Squirt Gun Bubble Painting

 Homemade Stress Balls

 Spinning Colors

 Artful Scavenger Hunt

 Roll a Bird

 Pet Rocks

 Pinwheel Playwheel

 Pillow People

 Pendulum Painting

 DIY Kinetic Sand

 Cootie Catcher

 Canister Constellations

 Chia Pets

 Marshmallow Catapult


For More Fun!

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