Watkins Grand Foyer


The Frank E. Watkins Grand Foyer Gallery is near the main entrance to our building by the main desk, Café, and Gift Store. It features ongoing changing exhibitions, in addition to exhibitions that are planned to interpret and expand upon the permanent collection and focus on Midwest Art, American Crafts, and Haitian and Caribbean Art.

Closed: Until further notice

Nou Sonje

January 12, 2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the devastating earthquake that rocked the island nation of Haiti, resulting in a death toll of more than 230,000 with more than 3,000,000 survivors experiencing life-shattering injuries and losses. The impacts of this catastrophic event reverberate today, as the people of Haiti continue to suffer from ongoing effects including widespread hunger, extreme poverty, health crises and homelessness. Ten years has passed, but it is important that we do not forget the Haitian people and the struggles they face.
Visit us, view and reflect on our collection of Haitian art created in response to the earthquake.